Visual Monday: German Saez

German Saez is not German, but Argentinian. And you can definitely feel his hot latin blood rushing through his veins while taking these pictures. His erotic series started as a game during intimate moments with his girlfriends, but soon it became a style that defined his photography.

erotic photography

You can say it’s easy to take beautiful photos when you have beautiful women as models. But it’s not the models that intrigue me in these pictures. If it was just the women, it would have made no difference between German Saez’s work and any other erotic photographer. What draws me to these pictures is the narrative quality, the fact that they seem to be just a frame in a feature-film that we don’t have access to. You remember that this is how Guy Bourdin became one of the most famous fashion photographers.

German Saez also has a portfolio of concerts, portraits and street shots. But I’m not impressed by them, as even though they are good photos, they don’t have the magnetism of his erotic images. For more photos [ that were too hot for this blog] check out



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2 responses to “Visual Monday: German Saez

  1. Lovely choice of photos on a cold Monday. Definitely changed the mental temperature:D

  2. Sabina

    Haha, happy it had that effect 🙂

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