Visual Monday: Dragoș Butcă

I can’t tell you too much about Dragos, as he doesn’t share too much information about himself.  Another mysterious photographer! We only know he was born in ’82, has an engineering background, lives in Bucharest and started taking photographs about 3 years ago.

We also know for sure he takes beautiful snapshots, very different in nature but wonderful nevertheless.

Both his staged photographs as well as the snapshots present us with the poetry of life, the way situations, animals, people, clouds, cars come into formation and create a wonderful living sculpture.

And what I like is that these images are not trying to send a message, they’re not political and don’t take any side. They are not even named, which leaves a cosy space of interpretation. For me, they are very poetic images. It’s like when you turn your head up to the sky and see how the clouds are shaped as a hippopotamus: C’est la poesie!

Copyright All rights reserved by Dragoș Butcă

For more photos check out Dragos’s Flickr account and blog.



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2 responses to “Visual Monday: Dragoș Butcă

  1. daddra 🙂 great view of the world
    I would love to live in it 🙂

  2. Sabina

    But we do, that’s the awesome thing 🙂

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